The Walking Dead

Timeline created by 18sberry
In Film
  • Waking up

    Rick wakes up from his coma.
  • Family

    Rick finds his family
  • The farm

    Rick and the group reach the farm after Carl gets shot.
  • Goodbye farm

    The farm gets burned down and over run by walkers.
  • Hello prison

    Rick and the group find the prison
  • ...and it´s gone!

    The prison falls due to The Governor´s attack, which leads to his death.
  • Reunited

    Everyone that survived the prison attack has reunited at Terminus after the events that transpired there.
  • Welcome to Alexandria

    Rick and the remaining survivors of his group reach Alexandria
  • Eeny, meeny, miney, moe

    Negan kills off one of the characters with his baseball bat Lucielle.
  • So long, farewell

    After Negan attacks Alexandria, everyone regroups in the sewers, where it is revealed that Carl has been bitten.