The Skirmishes and the Love Story

By tkrieg
  • Ramona arrives at the Battle for Goog-Tata

  • Period: to

    Julian and Ramona - Their Role in The Battle for Goog-Tata

  • Julian Arrives

    JULIAN MICRODISNEY OCKENFELS, a sexy 19-year old of indeterminate race is a ‘‘TEMP’, a one-time hotshot dispatched to tense fighting on the front for unknown reasons. As JULIAN meets his fellow ‘temps’ and is introduced to his CO, bullets fly and we get hints and glimpses of the blood and gore of a no-mans land just beyond the trenches.
  • Period: to

    The Skirmishes

  • The First Battle

    This is the first skirmish where Julian gets into battle and wins the respect of his peers.
  • Storytelling - Ramona and Julian Connect

    Julian tells his story. And in so doing connects with Ramona on a deep and personal level.
  • Period: to

    Julian & Ramona's Affair

    The affair carries on because the child lives on!
  • NIGHT PATROL - El-Skin Malfunctions

    This is the big night Julian goes out into the field and the El-Skin malfunctions. Bringing him closer to death and to Ramona.
  • Enemy Attack on the compound - Julian dies