The Romantic Era (1810s-1890s)

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  • Period: to


    Jewish German composer of French operas. Primarily known for his opera Les Huguenots Overture.
  • Period: to


    Italian composer with similarities to Mozart's operatic style.
  • Period: to


    Italian composer who wrote 60 operas during his lifetime in bel canto.
  • Period: to


    One of the 3 famous Italian composers who marked the peak of the bel canto opera style.
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    Known Italian composer of the his Requiem as commemoration for Manzoni. He wrote in all musical styles and his opera's were unique.
  • Period: to


    One of the most influential musicians during the Romanticism Era. His compositions revolutionized and innovated music and operas or musical dramas as he called them.
  • Period: to


    French opera composer of the Romantic Era. Known for La belle Helene and Orphee aux enfers.
  • Norma

    Bellini's famous bel canto opera.
  • Period: to


    Famous Russian composer still known for his ballets, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker, still performed and staged today.
  • Macbeth

    One of Verdi's famous operas.
  • Rigoletto

    Verdi's opera based on the play, "The King is Amused", which became popular after Verdi's composition.
  • Period: to


    Composed operas (Pagliacci)
  • Period: to


    One of the most important Italian composers. Composed operas in the traditional bel canto style.
  • Viva Verdi

    Viva Verdi
    One of Verdi's operas which communicated political sentiments and calling for national unity.
  • Period: to


    Bohemian conductor and modern composer during this period. Wrote in the maximalist style composing orchestras and expansive melodies and harmonies.
  • Messa da Requiem

    Messa da Requiem
    Verdi's Requiem also known as, "Libera me: Dies irae", brings back early elements of music.
  • Der Ring Des Nibelungen

    Wagner's four music drama (opera) cycle performed in Bayreuth.
    1. Das Rheingold
    2. Die Walkure
    3. Siegfried
    4. Gotterdammerung
  • Swan Lake

    Famous ballet composed by Tchaikovsky.
  • The Sleeping Beauty

    The Sleeping Beauty
    Famous Russian ballet composed by Tchaikovsky.
  • Manon Lescaut

    Manon Lescaut
    One of Puccini's famous Italian operas
  • La boheme

    La boheme
    Most famous Italian opera by Puccini in the verismo style.