The Raging Porch

Timeline created by c.loizou-denyer
  • Family: Theodore Washigon's birth

  • Family: Alice Washigon's birth

  • Family: Caroline Grace's birth

  • Family: Noah Washigon's birth

  • Global: Truman sworn in as President

    Democrat. Truman becomes President on Roosevelt's death. Serves remaining term and wins his own second term
  • Family: Scarlet's birth

  • Family: Quentin's birth

  • Vivien: Vivien's birth

    Born at Ash Prospect
  • Gabriel: Gabriel's birth

  • Global: Eisenower sworn in as President

    Republican. Served 2 terms
  • Global: Start of Vietnam War

  • Global: JFK sworn in as President

    Democrat. Assassinated in first term
  • Family: Noah's death

  • Global: JFK's assassination/ Johnson sworn in

  • Family: Caroline's death

  • Global: Watts riots

  • Global: Nixon sworn in as President

    Republican. Won 2 terms, but resigned in 2nd
  • Family: Vivien and Gabriel meet

  • Family: Vivien's father dies

  • Family: Vivien and Gabriel marry

  • Georgia: Georgia's birth

  • Global: Nixon resigns/ Ford sworn in

  • Gabriel: 'Against Our Will' is released

  • Global: End of Vietnam War

  • Esther: Esther's birth

  • Global: Carter sworn in as President

    Democrat. 1 term
  • Hilary: Hilary's birth

  • Vivien: Fleetwood Mac Concert

  • Family: Quentin moves to California

  • Global: Reagan sworn in as President

    Republican. Served 2 terms
  • Georgia: Georgia's accident

  • Family: Move to San Francisco

  • Ophelia: Ophelia's birth

  • Global: LA Olympics

  • Esther/Georgia: Trip to Santa Monica

  • Global: Anti Drug Abuse Act

  • Hilary: Hilary discovers Wanda

  • Global: George Bush Sr. sworn in as President

    Republican. Served 1 term
  • Global: California earthquake

  • Georgia: Larunda's birth

  • Gabriel: Gabriel gives Hilary the sex talk

  • Family: Owners of Ash Prospect die

  • Georgia: The Pickerels move onto Ash Prospect

  • Global: LA riots

  • Family: Noah's body is dug up

  • Global: Clinton sworn in as President

    Democrat. Served 2 terms
  • Esther/Hilary: Party at Baker Beach

  • Esther: Esther notices she is pregnant

  • Hilary/Esther: Hilary's attempted kiss

  • Esther: Esther moves out

  • Family: The holiday back to Lafayette

  • Family: Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Hilary: Attempted sex with Efren

  • Hilary: Hilary graduates and moves out

  • Esther: Esther leaves the ranch

  • Global: George Bush Jr. sworn in as President

    Republican. 2 terms
  • Family: Ophelia moves out

  • Georgia: Georgia's first pregnancy

  • Global: Hurrican Katrina. Levees break in New Orleans

  • Georgia: Georgia loses her 2nd baby

  • Georgia/Gabriel: Gabriel goes to stay with Georgia

  • Georgia: Georgia finds out she can't have children

  • Family: Gloria visits

  • Global: The Cosco Busan Oil Spill

  • Family: Quentin's death

  • Family: Quentin's funeral

  • Global: Michigan Republic Primary

  • Global: California Republican and Democrat Primary

  • Global: Louisiana Democrat Primary

  • Global: Texas Republican Primary