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The operations and battles of ww2

  • Battle of Britain

    Brain had held its own against Germany while America stayed on the sidelines. America decided to make the lend-lease act in which it would lend weapons to Britain and Brian will return those weapons after world war two ended. Soon America couldn’t hide behind neutrality any longer and doing the lend-lease act Germany saw that as an actOf America going to war with them, so Germany ordered troops to attack American ships.
  • Operation Barbarossa

    on June 22, 1941 Hitler decided to break the German – Soviet nonaggression pact, Germany invaded the Soviet Union.
  • operation torch

    President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchhill but a Casablanc to discuss the next steps into dealing with Germany, they decided to bomb Germany. They said many aircraft to bomb Germany but because of Germany’s advanced technology 50% of American aircraft were shot down.
  • operation overlord

    The Western allies of World War II launched the largest invasion in history. Force of the allied forces from Britain Canada free France as well as other countries who participated in the invasion. The allies failed to reach their goals for the first day but gained foothold that they are gradually expanded. When the German forces retreated across the seine and of the August 30, 1944, The operation of dragon overlord.
  • Yalta conference

    The yalta conference was held from February 4 to 11, four 1945. This meeting had the heads of the government of the United States, United Kingdom, and the Soviet union. They discuss the Europe’s postwar reorganization. The Yalta conference was considered one of the big three wartime conferences.