The Lord of The Flies

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  • Golding was born

    Golding was born
    William Golding was born September 19th, 1911 in Newquay, Untied Kindom.
  • First work

    A year before William graduated, he published his first book, a book of poetry.
  • Golding started teaching

    William Golding started teaching English and Philosophy in Salisbury in 1935.
  • Married

    William Golding married Ann Brookfield on September 30th, 1939,
  • First Child

    William Golding and Ann had their first child, a boy, David. He was born September, 1940.
  • Went to Navy

    He left teaching to join the Royal Navy. He spent the next 6 years on the boat and developed a life long romance with sailing and sea.
  • Left the Navy

    World War ll ended, so Golding went back to teaching and writing.
  • Second Child

    Ann had Golding second child, a girl, Judith. She was born July of 1945.
  • First Novel

    Golding published his first novel, The Lord of the Flies in 1954 after 21 rejections.
  • Retirement

    In 1963, Golding retired from teaching. After he retired he lived in wiltshire, listing his recreations as music, sailing, archaeology, an classic greek.
  • Awarded

    Golding was awarded the Nobel prize for literature.
  • Golding Death

    Golding died, June 19th, 1993 in Perranaworthal, Cornwall, England.