The Life of Todd Beamer

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  • Todd's Born

    Todd's Born
    Born in a smell town ofn Fushing, just northwest of flint were the Beamers use to live. Grew up as the middle child, one older sister named Melissa and a younger sister Michele. He loved his sisters and he looked up to his older sister Melissa, while Michele looked up to him. All three of them always got along just fine together.
  • Todd Graduates from high school

    Todd Graduates from high school
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    Todd graduates at Wheaton Academy, IL. He was always actively involved in sports such as basketball, and baseball. He knew a lot of people and was extremely nice to everyone he met there.
  • Todd Graduates College

    Graduated in a college in Wheaton, IL near his home town. This is the college were him and Lisa had both gone to and first went out. They were about the same age and both graduated in 1991.
  • Todd and Lisa's First date

    They went to the pizza place in town called Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co. When they got to the resturant it was packed and they had to wait 2 hours for a table, when they finally got a table the service was offially slow. They had a great time, they laughed, shared info, and hugged at the end.
  • Lisa and Todd Beamer get married!

    Lisa and Todd Beamer got married at the First Baptist Church in Peekskill, New York, where Lisa had spent most of her life at. Todd's best man was Keith Franz and Holl, Lisa's sister was her maid of honor. Todd and Lisa were both happy they married the love of their life. Lisa and Todd Beamer were head over heals for each other and meant to be.
  • Todd and Lisa Get Engaged

    Todd and Lisa Get Engaged
    On Todds birthday, November 24, 1994 Todd and Lisa had went to New York City. It was a cool day very chilly and the two happy couple was looking in a distance and could see Empire State Building and the World Trade Center when Todd got on one knee and preposed to Lisa. Lisa knew this was the right man and she loved him very much she eagerly said yes.
  • David was born!

    On Janurary 6, 1998 at 2:00 am young David Paul Beamer was born. Todd was so excited on having a boy he video taped the whole thing adnd said funny things like "that Micheal Jordan is okay at playing basketball". He was thrilled with David so much that when they got home Todd showed David all his toys and new rooms. Todd was such a great father.
  • Andrew Was Born!

    Two years after david was born young Andrew Todd Beamer ws born. When he was born Lisa knew something was wrong by the experession on Todds face. Baby Drew was the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around his neck and he couldn't breathe. Finally the umbilical cord was unrtapped and Drew could breathe. Todd was expecially overjoyed now having two boys around the house.
  • Todd Dies

    Todd Dies
    911 memory
    Todd Beamer was on one of the planes that had crashed into the twin towers and there were no survivers. Lisa had found the terrible news, by watching the news. The only things left from the crash that they found were Todds was a chicago bulls hat, a 2 dollar bill, a book called "A Life Of Integrity" and a container of m&ms.
  • Morgan's Born!

    Little Morgan Beamer was born on January 11, 2002. Lisa was pregnant with Morgan when Todd had died. Todd died before he could see the birth of his baby girl. Morgan, will never see her father or have any memory of him, but he's always in her heart.