the life of Pablo Escobar

  • birth

    born in Rio Negro, son of Abel and Hermilda Jesus Gaviria Escobar
  • medellin cartel

    medellin cartel
    In the 1970's became a key part of the international trafficking of cocaine. Associated with Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, Carlos Lehder, Jorge Luis Ochoa and his brothers Fabio and Juan David, founded the Medellin Cartel
  • makeover

    to protect their interests Pablo Escobar began to grow within society the image of a respectable person
  • murder of Fabio Restrepo

    murder of Fabio Restrepo
    killing of "capo" Fabio Restrepo to take their trade routes
  • murder of Diego Echavarria Misa

    murder of Diego Echavarria Misa
    was his first criminal act was the kidnapping and killing of Diego Echavarria Misas
  • Pablo Escobar in politics

    Pablo Escobar in politics
    He won, by intimidation, the support that would lead him to be elected as Senator for the Liberal Alternative movement
  • end political

    end political
    the newspaper El Espectador published a series of news reports that revealed the hiding Pablo Escobar. Congress removed his immunity and opened the way for the authorities began to persecute him.
  • murder of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla

    murder of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla
    the murder of Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla was carried out by the demand instituted against Pablo Escobar, this is the beginning of "narco-terrorism"
  • murder of Guillermo Cano

    murder of Guillermo Cano
    Ordered the assassination of Guillermo Cano, director of the newspaper El Espectador to intimidate journalists
  • murder of Luis Carlos Galan

    murder of Luis Carlos Galan
    Ordered the assassination of Luis Carlos Galan as the presidential candidate supported the extradition of drug traffickers
  • Flight 203 bombing

    Flight 203 bombing
    Pop Avianca flight 203, in order to kill Cesar Gaviria (fault)
  • DAS bombing

    DAS bombing
    put a car bomb in the DAS in order to end its director, General Miguel Alfredo Maza Marquez, who was unhurt though the building was partially destroyed
  • surrenders to authorities

    surrenders to authorities
    surrendered to the Colombian justice system, with the condition he not be extradited to EE.UU
  • refugee

    ran away quietly after learning that he would be transferred from prison.
  • death

    intelligence, able to trace the calls that Escobar did to his son. Being trapped in it tried to escape and was killed