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The Life of Louis Armstrong

  • The Coming Of A Legend

    Being born from Willie and Mary Ann Armstrong tis strong young boy advances in life. On that day he was born not in a hospital but in his family's house on 723 Jane Alley in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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    The Life of Louis Armstrong

    The Wonderful world of Louis Armstrong
  • Sent To A Home

    Sent To A Home
    During New Years Eve in the year of 1913 Louis and some of his friends are singing and decide to celebrate by firing off a gun. Louis is later arrested and sent to The Colored Waifs Home for Boys.
  • A Life of Touring

    A Life of Touring
    Bs a young buck Mr. Armstrong was looking for good music. That want led him to Chicago with Joe "King" Oliver and his band touring the states.
  • Marriage to a Fellow Player

    Marriage to a Fellow Player
    Louis eventually marries Lil Hardin, the bands pianist, but not for long. They stay together until Ocober 1942.
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    Other Worldly Trumpeter

    Although the exact tsart date is unknown sometime in July of 1933 Louis Armstrong went on a tour of Europe with his Hot 5.
  • Marriage...Again?

    On October 1, 1942 Louis Armstrong finalizes his divorce with Lil Hardin and Shortly after on October 12, 1942 he marrie the love of his life Lucille Wilson which whiom he stays with for the rest of his life.
  • A Local Performance

    A Local Performance
    Louis and His Hot Five play at Carnegie Hall to show the people how good of a band they were. In August they would debut in Hollywood.
  • In the Cinemas

    In the Cinemas
    Although the date isn't specified louis realeased a biography in 1956 to educate the people about his influence and accomplishments
  • Trouble in Big Italy

    Trouble in Big Italy
    When touring Europe Louis has a heart attack in Spoleto, Italy and is breifly hospitalized. A big scare for a big man.
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    A Safari Throughout Africa

    Louis make a tour through africa holding over 100 concerts and being sponsored by Pepsi and The US State Department.
  • A Hit is Produced

    A Hit is Produced
    One of Louis' greatest hits of all time "What A Wonderful World" is produce for ABC Studios and 1 year later becomes a hit in Great Britain beating out The Beatles for the #1 song.
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    More Bodily Troubles

    Louis is hospitalized yet again with heart and kidney ailments. He stays in the hospital for 2-3 months and recovers after a hard fought battle.
  • A Friend Waiting in the Sky

    A Friend Waiting in the Sky
    Joe Glaser, Louis' manager, dies from a stroke while in a coma. Joe had been Louis' manager since 1935.
  • On Television

    On Television
    Louis made an appearance on The Dean Martin Show to perform and educate the audience on good jazz.
  • A Sad, Sad Day for Jazz

    A Sad, Sad Day for Jazz
    ON this date in history Louis Armstrong dies of natural causes peacefully, or in his sleep, in his home in Corona, New York. Three days later a funeral procession occurs for him and thousands go to mourn.