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The Life of Jason Aldean

By nd9291
  • Birthdays

    jason was born to Barry and Debby Aldean
  • The big divorce

    Jasons parents Barry and Debbie divorced. Leaving Debbie is mainly raise Jason on her own in, Macon GA
  • The Move

    The Move
    jason Finall moved to Nashville at the age of 21.
  • Dreams Can Come True

    Dreams Can Come True
    Jason was frustrated and was ready to end his dream. Till Broken Bow Records made a deal with him. Producing his first album "Jason Aldean"
  • The Big Day

    The Big Day
    Jason married his high-school sweat heart, Jessica.
  • Amarllo Sky

    Amarllo Sky
    Produced by McBride and the ride
  • Baby

    Jason and Jessica's daughter Keeley was born
  • My Kind of Party

    My Kind of Party
    Newest album