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The Life of George Foreman

By Daysia
  • Born

    Born January 10,1949 in Marshall, Texas
  • Period: to

    The Life of George Foreman

  • Begins boxing

    Enters Job Corps and begins boxing
  • Wins medal in Olympics

    Wins a gold medal in Mexico Olympics
  • Begins professional boxing

  • Wins world heavywheight championship

    Wins world heayweight championship
  • Becomes a Christian

    Becomes a Christian
  • Retired from professional boxing

    Retired from professional boxing
  • Goes back to pro-boxing to fund his youth center

  • Gets World Heavyweght championships WBA and IBF

  • Becomes spokesperson for "George Foreman Grills"

    becomes spokesman for Russel Hobbs Inc. and promotes "George Foreman Grills"