Elvis presley 1

The life of Elvis Presley By Lucas

  • Baby Elvis

    Baby Elvis
    Elvis was born to vernon and glady
    s prestley on January 8, 1935.
  • Elvis moved

    Elvis moved
    Elvis moved to memphis tennessee to start a better life.
  • Elvis Sun

    Elvis Sun
    Elvis was graduated he signed with Sun records in 1953.
  • Elvis Graduated

    Elvis Graduated
    Elvis graduated from LC humes high school in memphis, Tennessee.
  • Elvis song

    Elvis song
    Elvis made his first song/ preformance in 1954.
  • Elvis #1 hit

    Elvis #1 hit
    Elvis was amazing. His #1 hit was " Heartbreak Hotel".
  • Army Elvis

    Army Elvis
    Elvis was drafted into the army in 1958.
  • Mom died

    Mom died
    Elvis was stationed in Fort Hood, Texas when his mom died.
  • Married

    Elvis presley was to Picillamarried in 1967.
  • Lisa Marie is born

    Lisa Marie is born
    Lisa Marie was born to Elvis and Priscilla Beaului in 1968.
  • Divorced

    Elvis and Pricilla devorced in 1973.
  • Elvis died

    Elvis died
    Elvis was found dead by his fiancee Ginger Alden.