The Life of Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

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  • Elizabeth Meets Alexander Hamilton

    Elizabeth Meets Alexander Hamilton
    Eliza meets Alexander Hamilton at a party at George Washington's Headquarters. Hamilton is Washington's aide-de-camp. Eliza and Alexander begin a courtship that included many letters to each other.
  • Marriage

    Elizabeth and Alexander get married at Eliza's father's home. Alexander had Phillip Schuyler's blessing in the marriage, because Phillip believed the young boy would go far in life.
  • First Child

    First Child
    The Hamiltons' have their first child, a boy they named Phillip. They named him after Eliza's father. Phillip is the first of eight children.
  • The Reynolds Affair

    The Reynolds Affair
    During the summer of 1791, Alexander Hamilton had an affair on his wife. He had relations with a woman named Maria Reynolds, a woman who was 23 years old- he was 35 year old. Eliza did not find out until 1796 when Hamilton published a confession called The Reynolds Pamphlet. Eliza eventually forgave him.
  • Phillip's Death

    Phillip's Death
    Elizabeth's first child is killed in a duel against George Eacker. Ironically, he dies from a duel against an associate of Aaron Burr, the man who kills Alexander Hamilton later on.
  • Alexander's Death

    Alexander's Death
    Eliza's husband takes place in a duel against Aaron Burr, an enemy of his. Alex was his in the lower abdomen, a mortal wound. It is believed that Hamilton purposefully threw away his shot. He dies the next day.
  • The New York Orphan Asylum Society

    The New York Orphan Asylum Society
    Eliza raises funds for an orphanage, called the New York Orphan Asylum Society. She is said to have raised at least 765. She was also known to bring children into her own home.
  • Elizabeth's Sister Dies

    Elizabeth's Sister Dies
    Angelica, Eliza's older sister, dies at the age of 58. She is buried near Alexander Hamilton in Trinity Church
  • Elizabeth Moves to Washington D.C.

    Elizabeth Moves to Washington D.C.
    Eliza moves to live with her daughter and her husband in D.C. She is about 91 years old.
  • The Washington Monument

    The Washington Monument
    A ceremony for the placement of the corner stone of the Washington monument takes place. Earlier, Eliza had helped raise money for the monument. She goes to the ceremony.