The Life of Edgar Allan Poe Sean #1

  • Birth of Poe

    Birth of Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19th, 1809. He was born into the family of actors, David Poe and Elizabeth Arnold. The two parents raised Poe themselves, as well as his sister Rosalie and his brother Henry
  • WORLD EVENTS: The annulment of Napoleon I and Josephine

  • Edgar's Mother's Death

    Edgar's Mother's Death
    On this date in 1811, Edgar's mother, Elizabeth, lost her battle with tuberculosis and died at the young age of 27. Edgar was only 3 years old
  • Poe is taken in by foster parents

    Poe is taken in by foster parents
    on this date, poe was adopted by a tobacco merchant by the name of John Allan, and his wife Frances Valentine Allan. Poe never really liked his foster parents and rarely used their name in his signature
  • WORLD EVENTS: War of 1812 Begins

    WORLD EVENTS: War of 1812 Begins
    On this day in history, the USS Constitution sank the HMS Guerriere, thus starting the war of 1812
  • WORLD EVENTS: the University of Virginia is founded

    On this date, THomas Jefferson founded the U.Va. Classes opened up in 1825, and had a faculty of 8, and a student body of 63
  • Edgar goes to college

    Edgar goes to college
    on this date in 1826, Edgar Allan Poe left his home in Richmond to attend the University of Virginia. He left with less than a third of the amount needed for tuition, and ended up desperately poor
  • Edgar's foster mother dies

    Edgar's foster mother dies
    On this date, Frances Allan died of Tuberculosis at age 27. Edgar was told she wanted to see him before she died, but Edgar arrived just as she was buried
  • Edgar publishes: The Raven

    Edgar publishes: The Raven
    on this date in 1845, Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven was published. It is unknown who was the publishing company or if it was officially published at all
  • WORLD EVENTS: Gold is found in California

    WORLD EVENTS: Gold is found in California
    On this date, James Marshall found gold in the American river while working at Sutter's Mill
  • The death of Edgar Poe

    The death of Edgar Poe
    On this date, Edgar Allan Poe mysteriously died. People still argue today why he did end up dying, but most people believe it was due to his alcoholism