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The Life of Catherine the Great

By HC10413
  • Catherines Birth

    Sophie is born Catherine the great is born to Christian Augustus, prince of Anhalt-Zerbst and Johanna Elizabeth of Holstein-Gottorp. Her parents had wanted a boy and didn't pay much attention to her. Her name at birth was Sophia Augusta Frederica.
  • Catherine's Marriage

    Catherine's Marriage
    Catherine (then Sophia) got married to peter 3 of Rome. This marriage was arranged by Emperess Elizabeth so her nephew Peter 3 could produce a heir. There marriage was not very happy because neither of them liked each other.
  • Catherine becomes Emperess

    Catherine becomes Emperess
    Rise to power Catherine the great declared herself Catherine the 2nd and emperess of Russia. She captured her husband Peter and planned to imprison him for his life. Peter ended up dying in a fight with his captors.
  • Improving towns and cities

    Improving towns and cities
    Reign of catherine 2 Catherine the great made governer-generals take census, map provinces and report on agriculture and trade. They also had to
    build roads and bridges.
  • The instruction

    The instruction
    Catherine noticed that the laws of Russia dated back to 1649. She made the "instruction" which proposed new ways and laws. She created the Legislative Commission to revise the old laws to meet the instructions requirments.
  • Small pox vaccination

    Catherine and small pox Catherine was worried about children dieing from small pox. she mett Dr. Thomas Dimsdale who had come up with a vaccination for small pox. Catherine tried the vacination herself to make sure it worked and it did.
  • Builds Smolny Institute.

    Builds Smolny Institute.
    Smonly instituteCatherine builds the smonoly institute. It is an institute for wealthy girls. Catherine wanted more peoople to get educations.
  • Catherines death

    Catherines death
    Catherines death myth Catherine died of natural causes. She had a stroke and died about 12 hours later. There have been many myths about her death but that is the truth.