Bill gates 300

The Life of Bill Gates

  • Born

    Bill Gates was born in 1955 on Oct. 28th. He was born in Seattle, Washington and he still lives there.
  • Attended Lakeside School

    Attended Lakeside School
    Bill Gates went to Lakeside School. He had a club called C-cubed.
  • College

    Bill Gates went to Harvard University for College.
  • Founded Microsoft

    Founded Microsoft
    Bill Gates found Microsoft in Albuquerque,New Mexico with Paul Allen.
  • Dropped out of college

    Dropped out of college
    Bill Gates dropped out of college to work at Microsoft full time.
  • Microsoft Moves to Seattle

    Microsoft Moves to Seattle
    Bill Gates moves Microsoft to seattle.
  • why i am famous

    i am famous because i invented Microsoft and Donated llots of money.
  • donating money to charity.

    i donated money to china and japan. And i donated 50billion dollars.