The House of the Spirits Parallel Timeline

By Mbeltz
  • Congressional Election/Rosa's Death

  • Esteban moves to Tres Marias

  • Period: to

    World War I

  • Clara and Esteban are married. Barrabas dies.

  • Blanca is born.

  • Arturo Alessandri Palma elected president, indicating a rise to power by the Chilean middle class.

  • Carlos Ibanez del Campo takes power

    Amidst great political instability, and by way of a bloodless coup, Carlos Ibáñez del Campo takes the presidency. He will govern as dictator, until 1931. Also in 1927, the corps of carabineros — militarized police — is founded.
  • The start of the Great Depression.

  • Servero and Nivea are killed in a car accident.

  • Jaime and Nicolas are born.

  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Pedro Aguirre Cerda establishes the first stake for Chile in Antartica

  • Blanca discovers she is pregnant and marries Jean.

  • Blanca leaves Jean and Alba is born

  • Clara dies, not to her own surprise.

  • Esteban has a heart attack/kicks Nicolas out of the country.

  • Military coup overthrows Allende and puts Pinochet as leader during uprising.

    The Armed Forces, carabineros, and others stage a coup, overthrowing Allende, who dies in the course of the coup. Augusto Pinochet establishes himself as the head of a military junta. The subsequent repression of leftists and other opponents of the military regime results in approximately 130,000 arrests and at least 2,000 dead or "disappeared" over the next 17 years.
  • Pablo Neruda's "The Poet" death

  • Alba and Esteban Treuba compose a novel from Clara's notebooks.

  • Alba is kidnapped by Esteban Garcia.