The History of the Catholic Church

  • Southland of the Holy Spirit

    Spanish naval captain Pedro Fernandez de Quiros calls Vanuatu "La Australia del Spiritu Santo" - Southland of the Holy Spirit
  • Christan Brothers

    Foundation of Christian Brothers by Edmund Ignatius Rice, Ireland
  • First Public Mass

    First public Mass said by Fr. Dixon
  • Fr. Jeremiah O'Flynn

    Arrival of Fr. Jeremiah O'Flynn "Prefect-Apostolic of New Holland"
  • Fr. o'Flynn Deported

    Fr. O'Flynn deported after the British Colonial Office opposes his appointment
  • First Offical Priest

    Frs. Therry and Conolly, the first official priests arrive
  • First Catholic Church

    Construction of first Catholic church at Richmond, Tasmania
  • Fr. Ullathorne

    Fr. Ullathorne arrives in Sydney as Vicar-General
  • Bede Polding

    Bede Polding becomes Australia's first Catholic bishop
  • Fr. Ullathorne - Harsh Treatment of convicts

    Fr. Ullathorne publishes book criticising harsh treatment of convicts
  • Carolin Christan

    Arrival of Caroline Chisholm in Australia
  • Fr. Patric Geoghegan

    Arrival of Fr. Patrick Geoghegan in Melbourne
  • Robert Wilson

    Appointment of Robert Wilson as first Archbishop of Hobart
  • John Brady

    John Brady appointed Bishop of Perth
  • Injustice of Aboriginies

    Archbishop Polding complains of injustice to Aborigines at NSW Parliamentary Committee Meeting
  • James Alepius Goold

    1847 James Alepius Goold becomes first Catholic bishop of Melbourne
  • Privinces and Dioceses

    1848 The Catholic Church in Australia is divided into provinces and dioceses
  • Mass in Gold Rush

    Fr. Patrick Dunne celebrates Mass on the goldfields of Ballarat
  • St Vincent

    1857 St. Vincent's Hospital opens in Sydney
  • St Mary;s Cathedral Fire

    1865 St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney destroyed by fire
  • Sisters of St Joesph

    1866 Mary McKillop and Fr. Julian Tenison Woods found Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Rebilding St Mary's Cathederal

    Re-building of St. Mary's Cathedral in Sydney begins
  • Marist Brothers

    1879 Marist Brothers found St. Joseph's, Hunters Hill
  • Mary McKillop Dies

    1909 Death of Mary McKillop
  • Daniel Mannix

    1913 Arrival of Archbishop Daniel Mannix in Melbourne
  • Mannix Dies

    1963 Death of Archbishop Mannix
  • James Robert Knox

    1967 Archbishop James Robert Knox appointed Archbishop of Melbourne
  • John Paul II

    1986 John Paul II visits Australia
  • Catholic University

    1991 Foundation of the Australian Catholic University
  • Beatification of Mary Mckillop

    1995 John Paul II visits Australia for Beatification of Mary McKillop
  • Saint Mary McKillop

    Mary McKillop made Saint