The history of flim

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  • Eastman devolps the kodak

    Eastman devolps the kodak
    Eastman pations the kodak
  • William dickson designs Kinetoscope

    William dickson designs Kinetoscope
    william dickson, an assistant to Thomas Edison desighs Kinetoscope.
  • kinetograph camera with sprocket system

    kinetograph camera with sprocket system
  • "Black Maria"

     "Black Maria"
    construction started in December 1892. first Offical film studio in new jersey
  • Coin operated kinetoscope

    Coin-operated Kinetoscopes appear in a New York City amusement arcade.
  • the Lumiere brothers

    the Lumiere brothers
    first commercial exhibition of a porjected motion picture to a paying public in the world first movie theater
  • Georges Melies

    Georges Melies
    sets up europes first film studio
    pioneer in illusion and fantasy filmmaking
  • vitascope spread rapidly

    vitascope spread rapidly
    vitascope spreads rapidly across country
  • Edison and the court system

    Edison and the court system
    Edison files the first of many patent infringement suits, claiming that others are using equipment based on his Kinetograph camera.
  • american mutoscope company

    american mutoscope company
    did quite well do to crisp clear 70mm film
  • first film exchange

    first film exchange
    Henry Miles sets up the first film exchange, allowing exhibitors to rent films instead of buying them.
  • le voyage Dans la lune

    le voyage Dans la lune
    le voyage dans la lune show in france
  • The great train robbery

    The great train robbery
    first narrativefilm with storyline
    first film shot out of sequence
    first film uses cross cutting
  • Nickelodeon

    Harry Davis opens the first nickelodeon in Pittsburgh.
  • Scandel

    A scandal over bribery for licensing movie theaters and immorality in films leads New York City to temporarily shut all nickelodeons.
  • Theaters overwhlming

    Theaters overwhlming
    There are about 9,000 movie theaters in the United States. The typical film is only a single reel long, or ten- to twelve minutes in length, and the performers were anonymous.
  • Studios The annex of a city

    Studios begin distributing publicity stills of actors and actresses.
    Thomas Edison's attempt to combine the phonograph and motion pictures fails commercially. The Motion Picture Patent Company tries to monopolize film distribution by setting up the General Film Company. Independent William Fox responds by making his own movies. Los Angeles annexes Hollywood.
  • Credit were credit due

    Credits begin to appear at the beginning of motion pictures.
  • Univearal studios

    Univearal studios
    Carl Laemmle organizes Universal Pictures, which will become the first major studio.
  • World war 1 breaks out

    World war 1 breaks out
    War breaks out in Europe
  • FOX

    William Fox founds the Fox Film Corporation, combining motion picture production, distribution, and theaters.
  • Warner bros

    Warner Bros. is established.