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the history of energy

  • The first battery

    The first battery
    Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery
  • The first steam locomotive engine

    The first steam locomotive engine
    George Stephenson created the first steam locomotive engine and even though it only went a record 4 mph it was the first of its kind
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    the history of energy

  • Electric carriage.

    Electric carriage.
    Robert Anderson created the first ELECTRIC powered carrige.
  • the first oil well

    the first oil well
    the first oil well was the drake well it titusville PA, owned by Edwin L. Drake had/has a depth of 69.5 feet (21 meters) underground
  • The first electric lamp

    The first electric lamp
    Sir Joseph Swann of England and Thomas Edison both invented the first electric incandescent lamps .
  • The envention of the light bulb

    The envention of the light bulb
    Thomas Edison DID not create the light bulb but he did in fact create the bulb that we know of today well not "today" there have been emprovements of course but Thomas is the one given the title Enventor of the light buld ...
  • photovoltaic cell

    photovoltaic cell
    Charles Fritts created the first ever photovoltaic cell
  • nuclear fusion

    nuclear fusion
    two scientists named Atkinsons and Houtermans discovered that fusing two nuclei together made energy
  • hoover dam

    hoover dam
    opened to the publics view
  • silicon solar cell

    silicon solar cell
    Russell Ohl invented the silicon solar cell