Alternative energy

The Historical Energy Events

  • Electric generator

    Electric generator
    Sir Isaac Newton invented the first electric generator using roatating glass sphere. (Not sure about the day and month)
  • Georg Von Kleist

    Georg Von Kleist
    Invented the first electric capacitator
  • Ben Franklin

    Ben Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin proved static electricity by tying a key onto a kite.
  • First effective lamp

    First effective lamp
    Sir Humphry Davy invented the first effective lamp using a piece of carbon that glowed and connected to the wires then to a battery.
  • Joseph Henry

    Joseph Henry
    Invented the electrical relay, which can make electricity travel far distance.
  • Thomas Davenport

    Thomas Davenport
    He was the first to invent the electric motor which today are used in cars.
  • Samuel Morse

    Samuel Morse
    Invent the electric telegraph, which was able to teleport and send messages long distances.
  • Joseph Swan

    Joseph Swan
    Was the first inventor of the incandescent lightbulb.
  • Hydropower

    Hydropower was starting to be used as electricity.
  • Today

    The energy that is being used today are, petroleum, coal, and natural gas that was formed a long time ago.