The Significance Of the Great John Tyndall

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  • Tyndall Was Born

    Leighlinbridge, Ireland
    Died: December 4, 1893, Haslemere, United
  • Mathematics instructor at Queen Wood College

  • Obtained PhD In Philosophy In Two Years

    After obtaining his degree, Tyndall begins his research on diamagnetism.
  • First Presentation

    Tyndall conducts his first presentation on Diamagnetism. Diamagnetism is the quantum mechanic effect that occurs in all materials. When this is the only magnetism to an object, it is diamagnetic. Tyndall contributed to this by giving precision measurements and systematic examination of variables. This would lead him to the discovery of radiant heat.
  • First Friday Evening Discourse

  • Awarded the Royal Medal

  • Experiments Of Absorption and Radiation Begin

    Tyndall constructed the first ratio spectrophotometer, which is used to measure the absorptive powers of gases. Tyndall discovered that some molecules such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, and ozone are the best absorbers of heat radiation. He concluded that water vapor was among the strongest observers of heat radiation. Fluctuation in water vapor and CO2 is what determines our Earths climate and what Tyndall has taught, as what we know today, as the greenhouse effect.
  • Awarded the Rumford Medal

  • Tyndall Effect is Discovered

    He discovers the light scattering by particles in a colloid solution. This leads to his explanation of why the sky is blue.
  • Dust and Disease

    During his light research, Tyndall discovered "Germ Theory". He gives this lecture at the royal institution stating, germs can be carried through the air and enter peoples bodies. He showed that the air can be filtered through cotton wool, leading to Tyndall creating gas masks for firefighters.
  • Retires from The Royal Institute

  • Tyndall Dies

    Accidentally poisoned by his wife. United Kingdom
  • Video of Tyndall's Greenhouse Effect