The Great Gatsby

  • Nick Moves to West Egg

    Nick moving to West Egg starts the beginning of his interest in finding out who his next door neighbor is.
  • Nick spends time with Tom and Myrtle

    With Nick hanging with Tom and Myrtle at their apartment. It's where the rumor of Tom cheating on Daisy comes out of the closet, and it also shows how careless Tom can be.
  • Gatsby inviting Nick to a party

    Nick being invited to Gatsby's party shows that he doesn't have to be curious about who he lives next to anymore. He figures out what Gatsby looks like then they hang.
  • Tea At Nick's

    Gatsby asked Nick to invite Daisy over for some tea. He did that so they could get connected again. He wanted to try, and repeat the past.
  • Gatsby Firing Servants

    Gatsby fired all of his original servants. He only did that because Daisy was coming over, and having an affair. Gatsby didn't want any rumors going around.
  • Gatsby trying Daisy

    Gatsby tried to get Daisy to leave Tom. He wanted Tom to know that Daisy never did love him. In the end, Gatsby looses the whole thing when Daisy finds out that Gatsby is a criminal.
  • Daisy Kills Myrtle

    Daisy kills Myrtle while driving home from the hotel. With her killing Myrtle it shoes that Daisy doesn't care about what she does. Shes stuck up in her money.
  • Gatsby gets Killed

    Shows that in the end with Gatsby trying to find his dream he wound of ending his life. Gatsby didn't realize he had already passed up his dream.
  • Gatsby's funeral

    Gatsby's funeral showed that with his work, and with being in the wrong crowd really didnt help him in the end. Nobody was there for Gatsby's funeral because he didn't make the right choices.