The Great Gatsby

  • Dinner WIth Daisy

    Nick is at dinner with Daisy, Tom and Jordan. Nick learns about Tom Cheating on Daisy
  • Toms Affair

    Tom drags nick with him to his in town appartment where he cheats on Daisy with Mrs. Wilson
  • Gatsby's Party

    Nick receives an invite to Gatsby's party and realizes he is the only one truly invited. Later has a meeting with Gatsby for the first time.
  • Car Ride With Gatsby

    Nick goes into town with Gatsby. And Gatsby tells nick about himself.
  • Tea

    Nick invites Daisy to tea. So that Gatsby can meet her again since they used to be a couple before he went to war
  • Gatsby's Party

    Gatsyby invitwes Tom and Daisy to hhis party. Gatsby danced with Daisy.
  • Mrs. Wilson Dies

    On the way back from town Gatsby aloud Daisy to drive. Mrs. Wilson got hit and died.
  • Mr. Wilson Gets Revenge

    Mr. Wilson finds out it was Gatsby's car that hit his wife and killed her. Mr. Wilson arrives at Gatsby's and kills him.
  • Funeral

    No one arrived at Gatsby's funeral except his servants, Nick, and Gatsby's dad.