The Great Gatsby

  • Tom's mistress

    Jordan Baker tells Nick about Tom's mistress named Myrtle. Daisy knew Tom was cheating but she didn't know who.
  • The apartment

    At the apartment, Myrtle continued to mention Daisy's name, so he ended up breaking Myrtle's nose.
  • Nick meets Gatsby

    Nick and Gatsby finally meet. However, they remembered each other from being in the war several years ago.
  • Daisy and Gatsby's past

    Daisy and Gatsby dated back in 1917. However, their relationship ended because he went to war and she completely stopped talking to her famiy. She ended uo getting drunk for the 1st time and says she changes her mind on marrying Tom because she recieved a letter from Gatsby.
  • Daisys invited over for tea

    As a favor from Gatsby, Nick invites over Daisy for tea. At first, he feels nervous because its been a long time. After a half an hour, they're more comfortable with each other. Gatsby showed off his house and clothes to Daisy because he wanted to show her that he's made something of himself.
  • Gatsby's real history

    Gatsby was made out to be a liar. His real name was James Gatz from North Daokta. His parents were unsuccessful farmers and he grew up having to earn all of his money.
  • Gatsby meets Daiay's daughter

    Gatsby sees Daisy's daughter for the first time. He's very suprised she actually exists. He never knew she had any children to begin with.
  • Myrtle dies

    Daisy and Tom were driving and Myrtle ran into the middle of the street and Daisy ended up hitting her with Gatsby's car. However, Gatsby took the blame for her and said he was driving.
  • Gatsby is shot

    Wison thought Gatsby purposely killed Myrtle because of the affair she had and all of the bruises and her swollen face. Wilson got Gatsby's name from talking to Tom and Tom told Wilson. Wlson shoots Gatsby while he was by the pool and he dies.
  • The funeral

    Nick tried to find people to attend Gatsby's funeral. When Nick goes to see Wolfshiem in person, he said he didn't want to be caught up in all of the mess.