The Great Gatsby

  • Period: to

    The Great Gatsby

  • Dan Cody

    Dan Cody sets sail along the coast of Lake Superior. flashback
  • Jay Gatz's Child Hood Schedule

    The Book Mr. Gatz shows Nick during the preperation for Gatsby's funeral. flashback
  • Jay Gatz meets Dan Cody

    Jay has run away from home, he has a small boat and spends his time fishing. He meets Dan and he takes him under his "wing". flashback
  • Dan Cody's Death

    Dan Cody dies, and leaves Jay with his new name Gatsby, new education, and no money, flashback
  • World War I

  • Jay Gatsby Joins Army

  • US enters World War I

  • Liutenant Jay Gatsby meets Daisy Fay

    In Lousiville, South Dakota. There first kiss occurs creating the passion that Gatsby has for Daisy. flashback
  • Daisy's Child

    Settle down with Tom in France, then shortly after move back to Chicago. flashback
  • Daisy Marries Tom Buchanan

    She tires to say goodbye to soldiers in New York, parents do not allow. Meets Tom in Chicago and the marry. flashback
  • Gatsby is discharged from the army

    Attends Oxford for 6 months.
  • World War I Armistice

  • Gatsby leaves Oxford

    Gatsby only stays at school for 6 months. flashback
  • Gatsby meets Wolfsheim in New York

    Gatsby is young and has no money, they soon start there work togther, the sourece of Gatsby's new found wealth.
  • Chicago White Sox vs. Cincinnati Reds: World Series

    Wolfsheim bought the "Black Sox", causeing them to throw the World Series.
  • Gatsby moves to West Egg

    Through his work with Wolfsheim, he aquries a great fourtune. His popular parties soon start.
  • Nick Carraway moves East

    He moves to West Egg as Gatsby's neighbor. Notices the large parties next door. flashback
  • Nick goes over to the Buchanan's for dinner

    Meets their child, catches up. Start of the events of that summer.
  • Nick see's Gatsby for the first time.

    See's him staring across the water at the "Green Light."
  • Nick goes to his first Gatsby party.

    Was one of the only invited people. Meets Gatsby later at the party, after reminecing about the Great War.
  • Nick meets Myrtle

    Spends the afternoon in the city with Tom, Myrtle (Tom's mistress), and others.
  • Nick goes to lunch with Gatsby.

    Gatsby introdues Wolfsheim to Nick.
  • Gatsby meets Daisey after 5 years.

    At Nick's house for tea. They reconnect and begin having an affair.
  • Gatsby invites Tom and Daisey over to a party.

    In an attempt to win Daisey even more.
  • Tom finds out Myrtle is dead.

    Driving back home following Daisey's wake, Tom discovers Myrtles death. Tom later talks to Wilson about Gatsby's yellow car.
  • Tom and Daisey invite Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby to their house.

    Where Tom discovers Daisey and Gatsbys affair, and they go into the city.
  • Myrtle dies in a fatal hit-and-run.

    After a confrontation between Gatsby and Tom, Daisey drives Gatsby's car back to their home from the city. Along the way she hits Myrtle, killing her. Gatsby takes the blame.
  • George Wilson murder's Gatsby.

    Shoots Gatsby at his pool in retaltion for Myrtle's death. George then kills himself.
  • Tom and Daisy move to unknown location

  • Gatsby's Funeral

    Gatsby's funerel is on this day, Nick meets Gatsby's father, no one shows to the funeral. Nick and Jordan break up shortly after.
  • Tom and Nick meet in Chicago

    Nick discovers that Tom told Mr. Wilson that Gatsby is the one who killed his wife; this is the last mentioned time that they meet.