Planters house3

The Glass Castle

  • Phoenix

    The family was living in Phoenix, with Rose Mary's mother.
  • Las Vegas

    The family moved to Las Vegas.
  • San Francisco

    The family moved here for a short while.
  • Battle Mountain

    The Walls' stayed here for an abnormally long time, with the kids enrolled in school.
  • Phoenix

    After Rose Mary's mother died, the family moved back to Phoenix and lived in Grandma's other house. The family was relatively stable for most of their time here.
  • Period: to

    Cross-Country to Welch, West Virginia

    The family all loaded up and moved across the country to where Rex's parents lived.
  • Welch

    The family lived here for a very long time; longer than they had stayed anywhere previously.
  • New York

    Lori has been in New York for a year, and Jeannette follows after her junior year. Brian and Maureen follow soon after, and their parents eventually come as well, choosing to be homeless.