The First 3 years of the war

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    The first 3 years of WWII

  • germany invades czecksolvakia

    germany invades czecksolvakia
    the germans invaded and took over the northern and western sides of czeckosolvakia.
  • The soivet-Nazi pact

    The soivet-Nazi pact
    this pact lasted until june 22 1941 when germany invaded the soviet union.
  • The Germans Invading Poland

    The Germans Invading Poland
    When the germans invaded Poland they raided houses, and killed nearly 1,200 people. The city of weilun was almost destroyed completely.
  • Phony war

    although there most of the german army was in poland there was a small amount of troops at the french border. There was a few minor tussles between the french and germans.
  • canada enters war

  • the invasion of norway,denmark, holland, and belgum

  • The invasion of france

    The invasion of france
    the beginning of this war ended the phoney war. france lost 360,000 people in this battle
  • the fall of france

  • the battle of britain

    the battle of britain
    the battle of britain was an entriely airial battle. the germans started this battle by bombing parts of britian
  • operation barbarossa

    this is when german troops invaded the soviet union. when they did invade the soviet union the opened up a big spot to invade on the eastern border of germany.
  • the attack on pearl harbour

    the attack on pearl harbour
    the attack on pearl harbour was an attack from the japanese to the Americans.This attack was intented to weaken the american navy in the pacific oceon
  • map of europe during 1942

    map of europe during 1942