The Fabulous Life of John Adams

  • Period: to

    John Adams

  • John Adams Birth

    Born in Braintree, Massushusets
  • Period: to


  • Thomas Jefferson his Rival was born

  • John Adams Wife Abigail is born

    This is the date that John Adams wife was born that became first lady.
  • John Adams was excepted into harvad

    Join Adams Attended Harvard and was a good student.
  • Adams Gradguated Harvard University

    John Adams Spent 4 four years at Harvard and is now a gradguate
  • John Adams Father Dies.

  • John Adams gets married.

    John Adams gets married tohis wife Abigail.
  • English Government (parliment) passes first tax on U.S. colonies

    The brittish creates the stamp act.
  • John Adams birth of son

    John Adams son John Quincey Adams is born.
  • Boston Massacre

  • Boston tea party

  • Midnight ride of paul Revere

  • Battle of lexington

  • George Washington made Comander and Chief

  • Battle of Bunker hill

  • Made Treaty of Paris

    Brittain saw the U.S. became independent.
  • Washington D.C. becomes capital of the United States

  • America sighns jays treaty with Brittain

  • George Washington Announced he was done.

    This is a big part of John Adams life because he was next inline to be president so that meant when George Washington retired he made history for John Adams too.
  • John Adams becomes president.

    He won 71votes to 68 votes.
  • XYZ affair starts

  • Abigail Adams Death

  • John Adams Death

    John Adams dies but has a magnificent life.
  • Thomas Jefferson Death (Ironic same day as J.A.)