The Downfall of Germany

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    The Fall of Germany

  • Battle of Berlin

    After many large victories in the east, Russia surged west capturing tons of land with little resistance, and eventually captured Berlin
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Major offensive push by the germans that was defeated by the Americans, crippling the German front
  • Auschwitz liberation

    Was first built to hold Polish political prisoners
  • Yalta Conference

    Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt decided to split germany into 4 groups
    allowed for free elections
    Russia was asked to join the united nations
    Russia promised to join war when germany surrendered.
  • Buchenwald Liberation

    Was the largest camp in the German boarder
  • Bergen-Belsen Liberation

    Bergen-Belsen was origanily a POW camp but was then taken over and converted into a concentration camp
  • Death of Mussolini

  • Sachsenhausen Liberation

    Built by political prisoners in 1936
  • Battle of Königsberg

    One of the last big battles on the eastern front in which Russia pushed the Germans further out of the USSR
  • Dachau Liberation

    Dachau was the first and one of the largest Nazi concentration camps
  • Death of Mosillini

    April 28, 1945, Giulino, Mezzegra, Italy
    was executed in northern italy by anti-fascists
    his body was taken to a village square where the people could insult and abuse him
    he was buried in an unmarked grave but then dug up and stolen by anti fascists.
    His body was discovered 4 months later but kept hidden for eleven years
  • Death of Hitler

    April 30, 1945, Berlin, Germany
    Hitler ate a cyanide pill then shot himself
    Dönitz authorized the Germans to stop fighting in the west.
  • Final German Surrender

    Hitler signed a document surrendering all German armed forces
  • German Instrument of Surrender

  • Battle of Poljana

    Last Major battle of the war
  • Berlin Declaration

    It was a meeting regarding the defeat of German
    Had to determan how to punish Germany and how to govern it after the war
    Had to devide up the land between countries
  • Potsdam Conference

    This was the major powers in the war deciding how to punish Germany
    Stalin, Churchill, and Truman each represented their countries in the deliberations
    The goal was to establish order, sign peace treaties, and fix the wreckage from the war
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    Potsdam Conference