The Day of the Triffids WCATY Q3

  • Bill Masen Was Born

    I guessed the date.
  • Triffids Began to Grow

  • The Day When a Triffid Walked

  • Bill is Stung

  • Triffids Are Carnivorous

    Will eat humans and has a ten foot long stinger.
  • Triffids Become a Big Business Overnight

  • Bill is Accepted into the Artic and European Fish Oil Company

  • Bill's Parents Die in Car Crash

  • Walter Lucknor Begins Work with Bill

  • Bill is Stung Again

    This sting puts him in the hosipital when the comet debris occurs. This injury prevented him from seeing the comets, but saved his sight.
  • Earth Passes Through a Cloud of Comet Debris

  • Bill Wakes Up In the Hospital and Begins His New Life

  • Bill Meets and Saves Josella

  • See a Light at the University

  • The Second Day

  • Go to the University

  • Michael Beadley Has His Speech

  • Bill is Tricked

  • Bill Meets Coker

  • Bill is Connected to a Group of Blind Men

    They have to get a food stock.
  • Finally, Bill is Able to Leave the Team

  • Groups With Coker and Heads to Tynsham

  • Bill and Coker Reach Tynsham

  • Bill Leaves With Coker to Beaminster to Find Josella

  • Bill and Coker Make it to Beaminster

    They meet three people. Then they all split up to look for Josella and the rest of the group.
  • Bill Leaves Coker in Search for Josella

  • Bill Meets Susan

  • Bill Reunites With Josella

  • Meets Dennis, Mary, and Joyce

  • Bill and Josella Get Married

  • Bill and Josella Expect a Baby

  • Begin to Notice the Triffids Behavior

    The Triffids break down Bill's fence a lot. Susan and Bill set traps and kill hundreds of Triffids.
  • Bill and Josella's Baby David is Born

  • Bill and Josella Enjoy a Vacation Day

  • Bill Meets Michael Beadly

  • A Commander Comes to the House

    This man tried to kill Bill. Bill does not agree with what this man says. The group decides to play a trick on the Commander and his army.
  • Bill and Josella Leave for the Island

    Finally, Bill's family and friends are able to live on an island together, safe until it is time to go live by themselves.