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The Craigslist Killer

By bparks1
  • Philip Markoff Born

    Philip Markoff Born
    Born in Sherill, New York
  • Phlilp met Megan McAllister

    Phlilp met Megan McAllister
  • Graduated SUNY Albany

    Graduated SUNY Albany
  • Robbed Trisha Leffler

    Robbed Trisha Leffler
    At Westin Copley Place Hotel in Boaton, Massachusetts
  • Killed Julissa Brisman

    Killed Julissa Brisman
    Location: Copley Marriott
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • Attempted Robbery Corinne Stout

    Location: Holiday Inn Express
    Warwick, Rode Island
  • Philip Arrested

    Philip Arrested
  • Arraignment

    Arraigned on murder and gun charges in Julissa's killing
  • 1st Attempted Suicide

    Attempted to hang his self with shoelaces. Marks from the shoelaces was found around his neck.
  • 2nd Attempted Suicide

    The day after Megan broke up with him. Philip attempted to cut his wrists with a spoon he sharpened using concrete in his cell.
  • Warrent For Markoff's Arrest

  • Philip and Megan's Wedding Date

  • 3rd Attempted Suicide

    He stashed medication in his cell for him to take but once found out he was taken to a medical facility.
  • Original Trail Date

  • Commited Suicide

    A year and day after Philip was supose to marry Megan. Self inflcted wounds and suffcation.