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Symphonies: The Classical Era

  • Joseph Haydn born

    Joseph Haydn born
    Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), "Papa Haydn," is considered the Father of the Symphony. He worked for Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy and then Prince Anton in Vienna and Eisenstadt.
  • JC Bach born

    JC Bach born
    Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782) was Johann Sebastian Bach's youngest son. He traveled, most notably to Italy in 1754 and London in 1762. His compositions reveal many influences from his travels.
  • Luigi Boccherini born

    Luigi Boccherini born
    Luigi Boccherini (1743-1805) was born in Lucca, Italy, was sent to Rome to study, and settled in Madrid where he stayed for most of his career.
  • Wolfgang Amade Mozart born

    Wolfgang Amade Mozart born
    Wolfgang Amade Mozart (1756-1791) composed in almost every genre during his brief life. He melded German, Italian, and other influences.
  • Ignace Pleyel born

    Ignace Pleyel born
    Ignace Joseph Pleyel (1757-1831) composed symphonies, operas, and marionette operas, ran a music shop and piano factory in Paris.
  • Lv Beethoven born

    Lv Beethoven born
    Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) mastered the Classical symphonic style and quickly began transitioning into the Romantic Era. When writing about Beethoven, critics were more concerned with what meaning he was attempting to represent with his music, and less concerned with how it was put together.