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The Catholic Church in Austalia

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    The Catholic Church in Australia

  • First Fleet Arrived

    The first fleet arrived in Australia. There were 316 Catholics convicts, but NO CATHOLIC PRIESTS. Catholics were not allowed to gather together to pray. There were no masses, because there were no priests.
  • Father James Dixon was allowed to say Mass

    The governor allowed a convict priests, Father James Dixon to say mass. They stopped him after ten months. Father Dixon said mass outside, or in people’s homes, as there were no churches. For these years Catholics had no priests and no mass. They kept the faith alive by praying with their families or in small groups. Father Jeremiah O’Flynn, a non-convict priest arrived in Australia. He said mass for the Catholics. This made the Governor angry. He had Governor O’Flynn arrested and departed. He l
  • Father Dixon was blamed for the fight.

    On Sunday there was a massive fight near parramatta.
    Father Dixon was blamed for the fight even know he tried to stop it.
    He got banned formed mass but he was still allowed give marriages and baptisms.
  • Father Jeremiah O'Flynn sailed to Sydney

    In 1817, Father Jeremiah O'Flynn sailed into Sydney Cove to minister Australian catholic.
  • Father John Therry Arrived

    Father John Therry Arrived with Father Connally.