The Book Thief

Timeline created by jlanzer
  • Hans Hubermann serves in The Great War

  • During the war Eric Vandenburg Teaches Hans to play the Accordion

  • Eric saves Hans life

  • Eric died and gave Hans his accordion

  • Leisel was born

  • Max loses his job because he is Jewish

  • The Olympics--Hitler's Games

  • Rudy paints himself black

  • Hans applies to join the NSDAP

  • Liesel's brother died

  • First Book stolen, A Twelve-Step Guide to Grave Digging

  • Maz first goes into hidding with Walter Kugler

  • Liesel went into foster care, new family the Hubermanns

  • Second book stolen, The Shoulder Shrug

  • Celebrating Hitler's Birthday

  • May Meinkampf Arrived

  • Max arrives at Himmel Street where Hans lives

  • Liesel's Twelfth Birthday

  • Liesel got two books, Faust the Dog and The Lighthouse

  • Rosa Hubermann loses her last customer

  • A group of French Jews in a German prison, on Polish soil

  • Rudy and Liesel broke into Rudys father's store

  • Liesel went to see Max Vandenburg

  • Himmel street is bombed almost everyone Liesel know died

  • Ilsa Hubermann takes Liesel in

  • Max returns when the war is over to see Liesel

  • Period: to

    The Book Thief's Timespan