The Atom Timeline

  • Dalton: Solid Sphere Model

    Dalton: Solid Sphere Model
    First atomic model, made by John Dalton. He hypothesized an atom was a solid mass that could not be separated into smaller parts
  • Thomson: The Plum Pudding Model

    Thomson: The Plum Pudding Model
    Thomson described atoms as negative particles floating within a soup of diffuse positive charge. HIs model shows electrons as negatively charged particles embedded in a sea of positive charges.
  • Rutherford's Nuclear Model

    Rutherford's Nuclear Model
    Rutherford saw the atom as a solar system, electrons orbiting a massive nucleus, with mostly empty space, while the nucleus is taking up very little space
  • Bohr: The Bohr (Planetary) Model

    Bohr: The Bohr (Planetary) Model
    The electrons encircle the nucleus of the atom in specifically allowed paths called orbits.
  • Schrodinger's Quantum Mechanics Model

    Schrodinger's Quantum Mechanics Model
    Schrodinger produced the quantum mechanics model which treats electrons as matter waves, they spin either up or down. Any electrons occupying the same orbital must have opposite spins.
  • I made this Timeline

    I made this Timeline
    For roughly 2 hours I created this timeline. :)