Ludwig van beethoven 006 timeline

The Amazing Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

  • Period: to

    From Beethoven's Birth, to his Death

  • Beethoven had his first public concert.

  • Beethoven's Birthday

    Beethoven was born into a catholic family.
  • Begins teaching piano lessons.

  • Mother passes away.

  • Moved to Vienna to study with Mozart

  • French Revolution

  • Constitution ratified.

  • Father passes away.

  • Beethoven started his first symphony.

  • Beethoven dedicated the Moonlight Sonata to Countess Guicciardi, his crush.

  • Napoleanic Wars started.

    The Napoleanic Wars were wars between France and several European Nations.
  • Period: to

    Beethoven created 6 syphonies within this time, which is amazing.

    He created three string quartets, the "Appasssionata" sonata, the Fourth Symphony, the Violin Concerto, and most of the Fourth Piano Concerto.
  • Napoleanic Wars ended.

  • Beethoven put his obstacles aside and went on making music

    Although he was deaf and had problems with his liver, he still made amazing symphonies.
  • His nephew, Karl, attempted suicide.

    In the year before Beethoven died, Beethoven's nephew, Karl, attempted suicide due to his expectation not being exceeded.
  • Beethoven passes away at 57.