The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian F 230 pages

  • Pages 1-48

    We meet the main character, Junior, aka, Arthur, his family and friend, Rowdy. We also find out that he was born with water on the brain which has given him brain damage.
  • pages 48-98

    Arthur moves to another high school so that he has a better chance of going to college; this upsets his best friend, At his new high school, he meets Gordy, a nerdy kid who teaches him about random studying techniques and such.
  • pages 98-157

    Arthur feels invisible at his school, but doesn't really mind. For Christmas, Arthur's drunk dad gives him five dollars, which means a lot to Arthur.
  • pages 157-230

    Arthur's grandma is killed by a drunk driver. At her wake, a white man comes and tries to explain how he came across Grandma Spirit's Powwow dance dress, and is ridiculed in front of the tribe as they explain that Grandma Spirit didnt dance at powwows. Then, Arthur's sister dies in a fire. The school year ends, and Rowdy and Arthur become friends again.