The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

  • Junior was Born

  • Major Surgery

  • Period: to

    Daily Seziures

  • Got Ten teeth pulled out

  • Got glasses

  • Period: to

    Junior goes to Reardan

  • Went to a party with Rowdy

  • got beat up by the triplets

    Rowdy shved off thier hair and eye brows
  • Threw a book at his teacher

  • Teacher comes to his house to talk about hope

  • Junior decides to go to reardan

  • Rowdy beat up Junior after he tells him hes going to reardan

  • Plays a basketball game against his old schools team and leaves unconsious

  • Meets Penelope

  • Goes around collecting money instead of candy like penelope

  • Starts going out with Penelope

  • Penelope finds out Junior is poor

  • Junior's sister burned to death

  • Rowdy and Junior become friends again