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Ten Major Historical Events in Energy

By 555923
  • 1st Steam Engine

    1st Steam Engine
    In 1698 Thomas Savery patented the first steam engine. Savery was an English military engineer and inventor. He based his design on Denis Papin's Digester of 1679.
  • Lightning Experiment

    Lightning Experiment
    In 1752 Ben Franklin conducted his famous experiment during which he atached a key to a kite and flew it in a lightning storm. During this experiment he proved that static electricity and lightning were the same thing.
  • 1st electric motor

    1st electric motor
    Thomas Davenport invented the electric motor in 1821. The electic motor is used everywhere in today's world.
  • First Natural Gas Well in US Is Drilled

    First Natural Gas Well in US Is Drilled
    In 1821, the first well specifically intended to obtain natural gas was dug in Fredonia, New York, by William Hart.
  • First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Developed

    First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Developed
    William Robert Grove , a Welsh lawyer turned scientist, developed an improved wet-cell battery in 1838.
  • The Light Bulb!

    The Light Bulb!
    In 1879 Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb. After hundreds of tries he finially found a bulb that could be used for about 40 hours.
  • AC Energy System

    AC Energy System
    William Stanley invented the alternating current energy system in 1886. It used an induction coil transformer. This is still the main way we get our energy today.
  • Wind Turbine

    Wind Turbine
    In Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. scientist and businessman Charles Brush builds the first wind turbine to generate electricity
  • First Diesel Engine to Run on Vegetable Oil

    First Diesel Engine to Run on Vegetable Oil
    The first public demonstration of vegetable oil based diesel fuel was at the 1900 World's Fair.
  • Photovoltaic Cells

    Photovoltaic Cells
    The modern photovoltaic cell was developed in 1954 at Bell Laboratories by Daryl Chapin, Calvin Souther Fuller and Gerald Pearson.