Teenage Wasteland

  • School Conference

    School Conference
    Daisy was called to a school conference because of her son, Donny.
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    Teenage Wasteland Timeline

  • Checking Donny's work

    Checking Donny's work
    After the school Conference, Daisy started to checked Donny's homework. She felt exhausted.
  • Another Conference from school

    Another Conference from school
    In December, school called again. Matt and Dainy came together. Donny had slightly improved. He started to cut classes and was found drink beer during school time.
  • A tutor was suggested to Donny

    Donny was suggested a man named Celvin Beadle, a tutor with considerable psychological training. Cel had a interview at his dining room.
  • Cel ruled Daisy to give Donny more trust

    Cel ruled Daisy to give Donny more trust
    Cel told Daisy that Donny needs more trust from his parents. Cel gave Daisy some rules to give Donny some freedom.
  • Miss Evans called Daisy

    Miss Evans called Daisy
    Miss Evans wanted Daisy to start supervising Donny's homework again. Because Donny's mark is slipping.
  • Donny began to talk endlessly to a girl named Miriam on the phone

    Cel invited Miriam to the tutoring session. Diasy was a little hurt by Donny because she invited Miriam to have a dinner but Donny refused.
  • Locker Check

    The principle told Daisy that Donny had been expelled because they found beer and cigarettes in Donny's locker.
  • Cel, Donny and Daisy had a conference

    Donny told his mom that someone put beers in his locker and started a rumor. Donny wanted Daisy to trust him but his mom think he should be blamed.
  • Donny entered to a public school

    They stoped Donny's tutoring session. He fought both decisions bittlerly.
  • Donny vanished

    He left him home and never came back.