Horseback - the book

  • Period: to

    The Grand Tour

    party of 7...going for a variety of reasons: cultural enrichment, thing to do, Mittie had never been out of the country and wanted to see her brothers in Liverpool, and Teedies' health
    8 countries - 1 year
  • Theodore you have the mind, but not the body

    The talk between father and son
    pg 112
  • First pair of spectacles - opened an entirely new world

    pg 118
  • Period: to

    Sojourn #2 - the Nile

    at the end of the sojourn the family moved to the new house uptown 6 West 57th street
  • Period: to

    TR attends Harvard College

    Chapter 9 - TR recalls his Harvard years as providing him an especially good time.

    Difference between first 2 years and final 2 years was enormous.
    Long afterward TR would say Harvard left him little prepared for the big world.
  • Theodore, Sr dies (46 yrs old)

  • Period: to

    The courtship of Alice Lee

    Met 10-18-1878 Alice 17, TR 19
    Invited for Thanksgiving...TR made up his mind to marry her (even if she didn't know yet)
    Spring 1879 TR's horse shipped to Cambridge so to see Alice whenever he wanted
    June 12, 1879 Class Day proposes, Alice turnes him down
    Nov 1879 (early in the month) invited to Lee's to 57th Street
    Dec 1879Alice has a Christmas visit to 57th Street
    Jan 25, 1880 Alice says yes
    Feb 2, 1880 TR buys an engagement ring
    Feb 14, 1880 formal engagement announcement made
  • Period: to

    TR attends Columbia Law School

    The law work is very interesting pg 232
    TR does not graduate...too many irons in the fire
  • Theodore and Alice are married

    to live at 57th Street
    Only way Alice's parents would agree to an early wedding is if they lived with Mittie
  • Elected to New York State Assembly 21st district

    Reelected 1882, 1883; serves in Assembly 1882-1884; Minority Leader 1883.
  • TR's first book, published The Naval War of 1812 (23 yrs old)

    The book is considered one of the best in its field.
    While attending Columbia Law School Roosevelt completed research on a book he had started while still at Harvard.
  • Period: to

    Sagamore Hill TRs house on Oyster Bay

    land bought in early 1883
    house completed in 1885
    became the summer White House while TR was president
    his home from the time built to death, died in this home
  • Period: to

    Buffalo Hunt-goes to the Badlands

    buys into a partnership in Maltese Cross Ranch (now Medora, ND)
  • Alice - first child born

  • Alice (wife) dies AND Mittie (mother) dies SAME DAY

    Alice dies of Brights Disease at 2:00
    Mittie dies of Typhoid Fever at 3:00
  • TR is delegate to Republican National Convention

  • Period: to

    The Cowboy Life- back to the Badlands

    spent much time writing
    ranchman's life "very pleasant" though on occasion to experience hard work and hardship, had time for huntin expeditions of a month or more (pg 337)
    And some had the choice of not being there at all...which TR chose more often than not.
  • Edith Carow engagement announced in the NY Times

    Bamie retracted it because she didn't know
    Edith was known and admired, as close to family as anyone could be pg357
    the prevailing romantic code was TR would never remarry (or wait several years) to honor the love of 1st wife.
    But TR and Edith had been secretly engaged since 10-1885
  • TR marries Edith Carow in London