teddy roosevelt

  • birth and siblings

    theodore roosevelt had 3 other siblings at birth named, anna(bamma or bye),elliot(ellie),corinne(coney) those were his siblings.
  • attended harvard college

    attended harvard college(as jr.)
  • theodore roosevelt SR. dies from stomach cancer

    he died in the new home on 6west 57th st. NYC
  • joins the republican party

  • graduates from harvard

    he graduated from college at harvard
  • attends columbia law

    and then in 1882 discountinues attending columbia law without degree.
  • marries alice hathaway lee

  • birth of first daughter alice lee roosevelt

  • first son born theodore roosevelt jr.

  • birth of second son hermit roosevelt

  • birth of second daughter ethel carow roosevelt

  • birth of third son archibald bulloch roosevelt

  • Died in his sleep at Sagamore Hill of coronary embolism (arterial blood clot) at age 60.