Ted Bundy

  • Ted Bundy D.O.B

    Ted Bundy was born on 1946. His mother was single and acted as his older sister while his grandparents acted as his parents.
  • First Assault

    Killed an 18 year old female dancer and student in her basement bedroom.
  • Strikes again

    Killed another university of Washington and dumped her body in a seperate location
  • Strikes again

    Kidnapped and murdered a 19-year old female student
  • Trickster

    Kills a female student after she helps him carry his books because of his fake cast.
  • Oregon state

    Female student from Oregon State University
  • Double kill

    Kills one girl after leaving a tavern at night and the other while she was walking home from her boyfriends dorm.
  • Double killing in the light

    Abducted and murdered two young females from Lake Sammamish State Park in Washington.
  • Moving to Utah

    Moved from Washington to attend law school in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The Utah Murder x 3

    Started to target young females disguised as a police officer. killed three young females during this month.
  • November Failures

    A girl escaped his car as he was driving.
    A Teacher and student refuse to get into his "police car"
  • Must get a kill in November

    After his failures he abducted and killed a 17-year old female student who was leaving the school to go pick up her younger brother.
  • Period: to

    Moved to Colorado and Idaho

    Killed and abducted four females by pretending to have a leg injury.One was abducted outside her hotel while on holiday. two were abducted in the parking lot of a skill hill. and the fourth was a junior high school student walking home from school.
  • Caught

    Failed to stop for a police car. After searching his car he was linked to kidnappiong and murders.
  • Convicted

    After a week long trial he was sentenced to 15 years in prison
  • Period: to

    Escaped and Caught

    Bundy escaped from the law library of the court building.
  • Period: to

    Escaped from prison

    Took a train, stole a car..and took a bus all the way to Florida.
  • Attacked 5

    Attacked four females at a sorority house. Two victims died and the other two were severely injured.
    A few blocks away he attacked another female while she slept.
  • Last kill and caught

    Killed a 12-year old girl in south Florida and was finally caught less than a week later in a Volkswagen Beetle.
  • Execution

    Confessed to murdering 35 young women, but many believe the number to be much higher. Convicted of multiple counts of first-degree murder and was executed after losing several court appeals.