Tecumseh facts

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  • Birth

    Tecumseh was born in Mad River, Ohio
  • Father killed

    Father killed
    His father was killed in the Battle of Point Pleasant
  • Mother left

    Mother left
    His mother left him to accompany part of the tribe to Missouri
  • Revelation

    Saw a man get burned at the stake and swore that violence was not the answer
  • Brother killed

    Brother killed
    His brother, Cheeseekau was killed in an unsuccessful raid in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Beginning Battles

    Beginning Battles
    Became experienced in fighting in raids that he fought in Fort Recovery and Fallen Timbers
  • Refusal

    Refused to sign the Treaty of Greeneville and started to gather unhappy natives
  • Chief

    Was promoted to Shawnee leader / Chief
  • Joined brother

    Joined brother
    He travelled with some tribesmen and joined his brother Tenskwatawa known as the prophet
  • Battle of Tippecanoe

    Battle of Tippecanoe
    William Henry Harrison sent 1000 men to Indian territory and the Indians fought back but Americans got the victory
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    Shawnee sided with the British in the War of 1812 and successfully seized Detroit
  • Battle of Thames / Death

    Battle of Thames / Death
    Tecumseh joined major and led forces in the siege of Fort Meigs where he was killed in the Battle of Thames