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  • Ferrari Founder

    Ferrari Founder
    Enzo Anselmo Ferrari was born on the outskirts of Modena on the 18th of February 1898. However, his birth wasn't registered until two days later because of heavy snow.
  • Enzo Ferrari retires from racing to pursue his love

    Enzo Ferrari retires from racing to pursue his  love
    In the mid-1920s, Ferrari retired from racing cars in order to pursue his first love: building them. He took over the Alfa Romeo racing department in 1929 and began to turn out cars under his own name.
  • First Ferrari drawings

    In December Ferrari released specifications and drawings of his new car to the press
  • Ferrari Logo history

    Ferrari Logo history
    The legendary symbol used by Ferrari has heroic origins. It was first adopted as a personal emblem by a highly decorated Italian World War I pilot, Francesco Baracca, who had it painted on the fuselage of his aircraft.
    At the end of the war, Baracca’s parents offered to allow Enzo Ferrari use the Cavallino Rampante (Prancing Horse) symbol. He adopted it as the logo for his racing Scuderia, placing it on a yellow shield in honour of his hometown of Modena and topping it with the Italian tricolou
  • First Ferrari ever made

    First Ferrari ever made
    The company’s story officially began in 1947 when the first Ferrari emerged from the historic factory entrance on Via Abetone Inferiore in Maranello. The 125 S, as it was known, embodied the passion and determination of the company’s founde
  • Ferrari Race History

    Ferrari Race History
    After the first Grand prix, by the time he died in 1988, Ferrari cars had won more than 4,000 races.
  • First Grand Prix win

    World Championship Grand Prix in 1951, Ferrari becomes world Champions for first time in 1952 thanks to Alberto Ascari who repeats his feat the following year
  • Enzo Ferrari Passes

    Enzo Ferrari Passes
    The University of Modena confers Ferrari with an Honorary Degree in Physics.
    Enzo Ferrari passes away at the age of 90 on August 14th.