Stuart Banks Timeline

  • Period: to


  • Stephen Banks Born

    Father of Stuart is born in Adelaide
  • Melissa Johnson Born

  • Stephen Banks moves from Adelaide to Melbourne

    Studies Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Melbourne
  • Stephen and Melissa meet in Malaysia

    Stephen is there during time off classes to research.
    Melissa is there on holiday with friend Dawn and sister Miranda.
  • Stephen and Melissa married

  • Edward Banks Born

  • Stephen Banks takes up MA in Oriental History at Univeristy of Melbourne

  • Stuart Banks Born

  • Stuart starts at Mt. Eliza North Primary School

  • Stephen and Melissa seperate.

    Stephen moves to Prahran with research assitant Antje Ritter, who is 27.
  • Stephen Banks completes PhD on Southeast Asian History at Monash University

  • Stuart begins Year 7 at Frankston High School

  • Jay Stein et al throw eggs at Stuart as he gets off bus

  • Older brother Edward moves to Adeleide to study law

  • Stuart meets Nathan Shiga

    Become close friends after bonding over The Beatles. Nathan introduces Stuart to smoking.
  • Stuart receives English Scholarship to Mentone Grammar School

  • Melissa Banks graduates from Bachelor of Oral Health Science

    From LaTrobe University
  • Melissa becomes oral hygeinist at 'Baxter Dental'

    After working as their administrator for many years.
  • Stuart begins Year 10 at Mentone Grammar School

  • Stuart's English Literature teacher Ms. Ruth Garrett sees his briliance as a poet

    ...implores him to perform a piece at the Mentone Grammar assembly. Following this, he is ridiculed by many of his more sport-oriented classmates. He never publically reads his poetry again.
  • Edward Banks begins working for a law firm in Adelaide

    Just months after graduating.
  • Stuart Graduates from Mentone Grammar school

  • Stuart begins driving lessons with aunt Monica

    Despite having his Learner permit since late-2007, Stuart doesn't begin driving until after he has graduated.
  • Stuart gets job filing legal documents at 'Ivy And Associates'