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  • date of brith

    Steven Tylers was borned on March 26 1948 in the Bronx.
  • first time being in a crib

    In 1950 Tyler Stevens was first put into a crib beside his house and was dragged away by a foxs
  • new band

    in 1962 Tyler Stevens got in a new band called te dantes
  • first time playing drums in a band

    Steven Tylers played in is dad band in sunapee in 1964
  • tour

    in the 1970s Tyler Stevens and his band were on tour the whole year
  • made a song

    in 1971 Steven Tyler wrote a basic track and lyrics for "movin out" with Joe Perry in there living room
  • booked into a music academy

    the start of December 1971 Steven Tyler got booked into a music academy on fourteenth street new York
  • big time producers

    In 1973 Bob Ezrin,Alice coopers producers were his producer
  • "Toys in the Attic"

    on January 1975 Steven Tylers and his band started working on there song "Toys in the attic"
  • thrown in jail for swearing

    on June 18th 1976 Steven Tyler got arrested after a show for cussing on stage his manger ran on between songs and told him he was drunk so he was ok with it