Stas' life timeline

  • Stas' Birth

    stas was born on the 28th of november 1927 in rome he was the second child of Stainislaw Leopold Janikowski and Halina Prewysz-Kwinto. a diplomatic family
  • Period: to


  • Germany invades Poland

  • Period: to

    serving in the polish army

  • Period: to

    london universitry

  • Period: to

    Early Jobs

  • Stas graduated from london university

  • Period: to

    Felixstowe Fisons

  • Married

  • Zosia's birth

  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Back in Felixstowe

  • Moved to Florida

  • Period: to

    Florida jacobs engineering

  • Bride's Death

  • Retired

  • Period: to

    Back in Felixstowe again retired thsi time

  • Zosia and Michael's wedding

  • Krysia's Birth

  • Leo's birth

  • Stas' Death