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In History
  • James Lind

    James Lind
    born-October 4,1716
    Died-July 13,1794
    Area of contribution- dietetics
    How they contribution- citrus fruits prevent scurvy
  • Eli Weaver

    Eli Weaver
    *Birth- November 9, 1841
    *Area of Contribution- human services
    *How they Contributed- vocational guidance in schools
    *Died- July 21, 1909
  • Ellen Swallow Richards

    Ellen Swallow Richards
    *Born- December 3, 1842
    *Area of Contribution- Dietetics
    *How they Contributed- Found Home Economics
    -Applied Chemistry to Nutrition
    *Died- March 30, 1911
  • James Catell

    James Catell
    Born/died- May 25,1860- Jan 20,1944
    Area of contribution- Counseling
    How-Help establish psychology as a legitimate science
  • E.G williamson

    E.G williamson
    Born/died-August 14, 1900- January 30, 1979
    Area of contribution-Counseling
    How- He invented counseling
  • Carl pfeiffer

    Carl pfeiffer
    Born/Died- March 19, 1908- November 18, 1988
    Area of contribution- dietetics
    How he contribution-
  • Dorris Calloway

    Dorris Calloway
    *Birth- February 14, 1923
    *Area of Contribution- dietetics
    *How they Contributed- studied gut microflora
    -reshaped nutrition guidelines
    -studied gas production
    *Died- August 31, 2001